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He’ll always remember the day we stood a block away from a trailer occupied by Matt Damon. #memories

Apr 14

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Apr 13

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Crib is overrated.

Mar 3

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“Sharkie and Leo are swimming through the pipes to get more donuts.”

Feb 12

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Food hall.

Feb 8

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Family photo shoot.

Feb 7

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Feb 6

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Zo Klesko Vankat, 1996-2011

May 24

What a good dog. Sunday was a sad day for the family.

Late-night snowman crew

Nov 13

Uh, apparently it’s winter.

Instead of shoveling, we gave the neighbors something to smile about in the morning.

Cranksgiving 2010

Oct 17

I promise a patio pictures update soon, but first I’m sharing some work I did for a friend.

Bryan Redemske is a former World-Herald guy who now runs the Trek store on 72nd Street. For the past couple years, he has organized a charity bike ride / scavenger hunt to benefit the Omaha Food Bank. Last year, he and the riders donated 1,800 pounds of food and nearly $700.

I’ve been lucky enough to help him out with a couple posters.

Here’s our latest iteration:

So, if riding around northwest Omaha in search of canned goods is your idea of a fun way to spend a Saturday morning, or if you’re searching for a way to help some people put a good meal on the table, definitely come out and ride on November 13. Obviously, it’s for a good cause. Even if riding’s not your thing, definitely stop by and eat a bowl of chili. The more the merrier.

[Cranksgiving 2010 – more info]