Lighten up, Arlo. Sheesh.

May 9

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He’ll always remember the day we stood a block away from a trailer occupied by Matt Damon. #memories

Apr 14

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Apr 13

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Crib is overrated.

Mar 3

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“Sharkie and Leo are swimming through the pipes to get more donuts.”

Feb 12

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Food hall.

Feb 8

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Family photo shoot.

Feb 7

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Feb 6

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First birthday

Aug 15

This kid turns a YEAR OLD today. I used to tell Stephanie that I liked toddlers better than babies. But here we are, and I can’t imagine how it gets any more fun than this. Happy birthday, Willy Boy.

The baby and an experiment

Dec 15

William Stengel Van Kat was born on August 15.

He sleeps well, he eats well. He has red hair.

All of these things you probably know if you’ve seen my Facebook activity at any point in the past four months.

We’ve been collecting baby photos here, if you’re interested: Cute overload.

I’ve also been curious about the money it costs to raise a kid. I used to guess that it would cost a million dollars, from birth to 18. I’ve since read some research that puts the cost in the $500k range.

So, I’m actually going to find out. Every time we spend money on him — doctors visits before he was born, nursery setup, formula refills — the cost goes into a spreadsheet that’s tracking the true cost of raising a kid.

Read it and weep (literally, weep): The Cost of William.